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Unfair Lures



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  • Shallow Water 1 - 5 feet
  • Paul’s UNFAIR Rip-n-Slash is a hybrid search bait molded after a
    Cigar Minnow head and tail section.
  • Rip-n-Slash casts a mile and swims like its about to be “crushed”.
  • Swivel for better action, knots and no line twist.
  • Rip-n-Slash features the 3D Gill and carefully selected holographic tones
    to give it the edge over those “old” no design featured lures.
  • “Living eye” with life sized pupil makes an easy target for predators.
  • Transverse hook hangers for single hook options.
  • Hydrodynamic fins add natural swimming action.
  • Size: 70mm, 90mm
  • Weight: 1/2 oz. | 5/8 oz. | 3/4 oz.



Representing a shortened Cigar Minnow, the Paul’s Rip n Slash has become a fisherman’s favorite. Paul’s Rip n Slash has become a staple for recreational fisherman who want to fish and CATCH. The most discussed hard bait on social media in Florida with due reason. Paul’s Rip n Slash is an accurate and long casting super search bait as it were. With a tantalizing darting side to side action,which drives fish crazy. Novice to experienced fishers have benefited from the ease of use of this bait. Available in two sizes, 70mm Slow Suspend & 90 mm Float and Slow Suspend. The Paul’s Rip n Slash 90 Top-water is specifically designed to optimize the strike to actual fish landed ratio. Matched to PvR Turbo-Set Hooks this bait is in a league of its own. A twitching style retrieve is suggested. Paul’s Rip n Slash is suited to both Freshwater and Saltwater species.

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